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Developing software or tools for analyzing processing or analyzing high-resolution topography data? Have lidar data you want to share with a larger audience? We provide a system that allows you to register your data or tools with OpenTopography so that the larger community can access them. Help grow the resources available through OpenTopography and contribute. Also, explore the OpenTopography Tool Registry and Community Contributed Data to see what is already available.

Latest News

Raster data now available for areas in California, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Washington

Posted: October 08, 2015
OpenTopography is happy to announce the release of seven new raster datasets. These datasets are derived from previously released point… [ more ]

New point cloud and raster data from Mayapan, Mexico archaeological site

Posted: July 29, 2015
We are pleased to announce the release of an international dataset lidar from Mayapan, Mexico. These data were collected in… [ more ]

New Review Pubs: Lidar for Mass and Energy Transfer Through Landscapes; Critical Zone Science

Posted: July 22, 2015
Two new review papers co-authored by OpenTopography staff that focus on the use lidar and high resolution topography for understanding… [ more ]

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Latest Blog Entry

The OT Bibliography: a review of publications using OpenTopography

Posted: July 14, 2015
As most OpenTopography users hopefully appreciate, primary support for OT comes from the U.S. National Science Foundation, and thus our… [ more ]

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Data Summary

Total Coverage: 180,122 km2
Total Number of Lidar Returns: 831,782,690,557

Latest Lidar Datasets:
- Poleta Folds, southern Deep Springs Valley, California
- August 24, 2014 South Napa Earthquake
- Lunar Crater Volcanic Field, Central Nevada
- Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, AZ

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